100-year old Wood’s Homes alumnus passes away, leaving fond memories of founders

Hextall, Wood's Homes, old, Bowness

Original Hextall house orphanage, Bowness, Calgary, circa 1920.

By Sylvia MacIver, Communications Manager, Wood’s Homes 

Hilda McCartney lived at Wood’s Homes in the early 1900s when it was an orphanage. Hilda passed away at the age of 100, on February 9, 2015.

Dozens of alumni visited Wood’s Homes in 2014 to help us celebrate our 100th anniversary. Accompanied by her son Jim, Hilda came early last summer to tour our newly revitalized Bowness campus – Hilda’s home for many years.  Sylvia MacIver, Communications Manager helped tour Hilda and her son, and visited with her on a couple of other occasions. Below are a few of Hilda’s cherished memories that she shared with us.

“Mother Wood loved me, that is for sure. I don’t know why, I couldn’t get over how good she was.” Continue reading

Creative Arts Therapies Week

Crayons 2

By Monica Wiebe, Residential Clinician – Wood’s Homes

This past week was Creative Arts Therapies Week.

Today, it is recognized that the creative process of art making enhances recovery, health, and wellness. It wasn’t always this way.

In the early 20th century, psychiatrists became interested in the artwork created by their patients with mental illness. American psychologist Margaret Naumburg is credited with pioneering the use of art expression as a therapeutic modality by drawing on psychoanalytic theory and practice in the 1940s.

She was influenced by the psychiatric movement at the time, in particular Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who placed great significance on symbolization.

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5 Days for the Homeless


Image from 5days.ca

Some University of Lethbridge students are braving the elements this week to better understand what it feels like to be homeless –  while raising awareness and donations for the Lethbridge Emergency Youth Shelter.

As part of the 5 Days for the Homeless, the students have given up basic necessities, sleeping outside the university in a cardboard ‘home’ and living on only donated food and toiletries, all while still fulfilling academic and extra curricular responsibilities. Continue reading

9 tips for Springtime wellness

Wood's Homes, Rainbow, Spring

By the Wood’s Homes Community Resource Team

Spring is just around the corner in Calgary. As a time of renewal, it’s a perfect opportunity to make some positive changes in your life.

Making these small changes in your daily routine can make a huge difference in how you feel about your life overall.

1. Get enough sleep. The right amount of good quality sleep helps the brain function and impacts our ability to manage our emotions. Consult your physician about how much sleep you should be getting.

2.  Eat a balanced diet. Eating well provides fuel for the brain and body, thus increasing our energy and motivation to make out important life decisions. Make yourself a healthy snack today. Continue reading

Volunteer Spotlight – EXIT Community Outreach

Wood's Homes, Volunteer, Volunteers, EXIT, EXIT Community Outreach, Quilt,

By Vanessa Vernick, Community Engagement Coordinator –  Wood’s Homes

Q & A with Cheryl Cordson – volunteer at Wood’s Homes’ EXIT Community Outreach program


Q:  Tell us about yourself.

A: I’ve been retired for four years now and I spend my free time babysitting my grandson, going to the gym, and doing all the little things to fill a day – and when I retired, I also started quilting.

However, in that time I decided I also wanted to volunteer.


Q: How did you first learn about Wood’s Homes?

A: My husband has a son who went through the program so we had known about it before. My husband is a total believer (in Wood’s Homes) and is completely sold on what (the agency) can do for kids. We started checking it out a bit more and then I put in my name to volunteer.

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