5 Reasons to become a Foster Parent

Reverend George and Annie Wood with a group of children in their care.

Reverend George and Annie Wood with a group of children in their care.

By Amy Hojabrolsadati – Foster Care Network Supervisor, Wood’s Homes

Becoming a foster parent is a BIG decision in a family’s life — one that families have been making with Wood’s Homes since our humble beginnings more than 100 years ago. With our support, they’ve  opened their homes to infants, children and youth in need of care and we couldn’t be more proud.

At Wood’s Homes, our founder, Reverend George Wood opened his home to the children of a soldier set to go to war. It was fostering in its most raw form. It was one family needing the support from another to ensure that children in need are cared for. Unfortunately, the soldier did not survive the war. His children remained with the reverend from that point on, cared for by George and his wife Annie.

This tradition of supporting families has been ongoing for more than 100 years at Wood’s Homes. Today, our Foster Care Network works diligently to find loving homes for children who need a caring, stable home environment.

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Virgin Mobile and Wood’s Homes: Getting Youth Ready for Work

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Thanks to Virgin Mobile‘s generous support, homeless and at-risk youth are gaining valuable life and employment skills at our Youth Culinary Arts Program (YCAP).

Check out Wood’s Homes: Getting Youth Ready for Work, an excellent blog post explaining the benefits of YCAP published by Virgin Mobile RE*Generation.

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Wood’s Homes is a nationally accredited mental health centre – proudly helping communities for over 100 years. Learn more at woodshomes.ca.


10 things I learned at Capturing the Moment 2 – Single Session and Walk-In Services International Symposium

Capturing the Moment 2 - Banff

By Sylvia MacIver – Communications Manager, Wood’s Homes

As I sat among dozens of seasoned mental-health practitioners from many different countries, I realized it truly is a small world and there is, in fact, much good in it – despite all the negative rhetoric.

People really do want to help each other – no matter where they come from.  And the proof was here in this small room with the picture-perfect view of the Canadian Rockies displaying an autumn canvas.

This was a worldwide gathering in Banff at the end of September:  Professionals exploring efficiencies in mental health services. Wood’s Homes was proud to host ‘Capturing the Moment 2: Reaching New Heights in Single Session Therapy and Walk-In Services’, The three-day event was based on the success of the initial gathering in Melbourne in 2013 – the first international meeting of clinicians and therapists looking to raise awareness of the success of single session therapy. Continue reading