10 Self-Care Tips for Parents/Caregivers


By the Community Resource Team – Wood’s Homes

  1. Make self-care a priority. Create a routine around self-care that can help make it happen. Schedule YOU TIME into the day. Set out 30 minutes at the end or start of the day so it begins or finishes on a positive note!
  1. Take a TIME OUT if needed. There is nothing wrong with taking a break or finding space if you are getting upset or frustrated with your teen/child or someone else.  Cool down and then come back and speak calmly.
  1. Make DATE NIGHT a priority. Whether it’s your spouse, a close friend, or relative, it is important to take time to connect with other adults. Ideally, you would do this person-to-person, however if that’s not possible schedule a time to chat on the telephone.

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A Thank You from Eastside Family Centre


The team at Eastside Family Centre.

By Janet Stewart – Program Manager, Eastside Family Centre, Wood’s Homes

Eastside Family Centre began 25 years ago with an interesting idea to capture the moment when families, couples or individuals need counselling the most.  Single session walk-in therapy came to Calgary’s east side on November 1, 1990. Since then several partner agencies have shared the space of the centre and have offered complementary services to clients who walk in for therapy.

On the occasion of Eastside’s 25th Anniversary, we would like to acknowledge these individuals and agencies listed  below.  Thank you for your dedication and long service to the philosophy of Eastside Family Centre and Wood’s Homes – “We Never Say No.  We Never Give Up.  We Never Turn Anyone Away”.


Calgary Legal Guidance

Laurie Hnatiuk began at Calgary Legal Guidance and Eastside Family Centre (EFC) in May, 1991.  She was and is the first and only lawyer at the once-a-week clinic at EFC.   Laurie has averaged 10 legal clinics per year at Eastside totalling 240 hours.  With an average of 4 clients per clinic, 960 Eastside Family Centre clients have received Laurie’s level-headed legal guidance over the past 25 years.  If we were to equate that to the current average monthly lawyer rate in Alberta, Laurie has donated more than $303,360.00 worth of legal fees! Yes, that is right – Laurie volunteers her time for Calgary Legal Guidance and Eastside Family Centre.  Thank you, Laurie, for your steadfast work with clients.

For information about Calgary Legal Guidance:  http://clg.ab.ca/


Men’s Counselling Service (provided by Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter)

Men’s Counselling Service has shared space at EFC since 1995.   Men’s Counselling offers individual and group counselling for men who are concerned that their anger and abusive behaviours are negatively impacting family members.  For 20 years, Eastside and Men’s Counselling have referred clients to each other, working to improve safety and compassion between couples and families.  Thank you to Frank McGrath, Nick Todd and Jill Weaver-Dunlop for their consultation and expertise.

For info about Men’s Counselling Centre: http://www.mcscalgary.com


Carya (formerly Calgary Family Services)

Family therapists from Carya have provided support and counselling to families at EFC for 20 years.  The counselling offered by Carya is family – and relationship – focused and aims to decrease stress or distress and increase overall family functioning. Over the years, Carl Lottes and Doug Becksteadt have worked side by side with the EFC team ensuring seamless services to families who choose to engage in longer-term therapy.

For information about Carya: http://caryacalgary.ca/

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Eastside Family Centre celebrates 25 years


By Janet Stewart – Program Manager, Wood’s Homes

Wood’s Homes’ Eastside Family Centre opened its doors on November 1, 1990. 

No-charge, walk-in counselling services begin!

  • Back in 1990, Wood’s Homes’ clinical leaders Philip Perry (then CEO) and Dr. Arnie Slive were confident that immediately accessible, no-charge, walk-in counselling services would better meet the needs of people coping with mental health concerns.
  • At the time, the east side of Calgary suffered a shortage of these supportive services.
  • With the full encouragement and support from the Wood’s Homes Board of Directors, Philip and Arnie soon invited community leaders in the areas of education, health, policing, business and social services to become involved in starting up a counselling centre.
  • Relationships were formed between Eastside and other social service agencies, schools, physicians and private practitioners who soon started referring their clients.
  • Partnerships (that have lasted 25 years) were also established with Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter’s Men’s Counselling program, Calgary Legal Guidance and Carya joining Eastside on site.

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