The ‘glue’ that holds us together!


By the Wood’s Homes Admin Team

Today is Administrative Professionals Day!

There is common misconception that administrative professionals only answer calls, organize files, greet visitors and send emails throughout the day. And, while answering phones, organizing files, etc. are responsibilities of the position, those ‘administrative’ tasks are only a small part of the enormous role our admins play at Wood’s Homes.

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Gearin’ up for the 25th annual Motorcycle Awareness Ride!


By Catherine Feenstra, Wood’s Homes Development Officer

A silver anniversary seems so fitting for machines of metal and chrome, with 2016 marking the 25th anniversary of the Motorcycle Awareness Ride! Mick Cawthorn of Calgary’s iconic Kane’s Harley-Davidson shop approached the City’s Mayor in 1991, Al Duerr, with an idea to promote awareness and safety in the early spring – just in time to remind everyone to watch out for motorcycles on the roads. The idea, now known as the Motorcycle Awareness Ride, brought together many prominent businesses and individuals, and became the kick-off to the spring season. In addition to promoting motorcycle safety, the ride also honours Calgary motorcycle legends Bob Kane, Walt Healy and Roger Hyde.

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Why I love being an Eastside Family Centre volunteer


By Lara Shannon, Community Engagement Coordinator

Barbara Pickering has been volunteering as a counsellor at our Eastside Family Centre for two and a half years. She enjoys connecting with people, being part of a team and the many opportunities for learning she receives while volunteering. The work she does in the single session counselling with families in crisis is invaluable to us.

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Parenting tips: activities for infants

By Ashley Jones, clinician candidate, Family Support Network

This is for all those parents out there with children under the age of 3. What follows are some activities to support development while exploring learning activities by age groups: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years. The first age group is newborn to 6 months. Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming posts with information around the sequential age groups.

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