Our volunteers are priceless!

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By Lara Shannon, Community Engagement Coordinator

Wood’s Homes is proud to work alongside more than 100 individual and corporate volunteers who prove their worth to us every day in so many different ways. They are absolutely invaluable to our organization and we are eternally grateful for everything they do!

Our volunteers help us by:

  • Spending time with our kids, doing crafts, reading, playing sports, mentoring and more
    • Impact – kids feel valued and gain confidence
  • Administrative work such as data entry, mailouts, filing and conducting surveys
    • Impact – we save on resources and our staff feel supported
  • Tutoring our kids in Math and English
    • Impact – kids do better in school and gain confidence
  • Helping out at events with set up, registration, selling raffle tickets, and more
    • Impact – we increase support for our programs
  • Board and Committee Members assist with governance, fundraising and expertise
    • Impact – we receive valuable guidance, help in promoting community awareness, and funds for programs and capital projects
  • Corporations lend a hand with: landscaping, painting, meal preparation, clothing drives, etc.
    • Impact – money saved can be put toward our programs and children and their families receive needed items they may have otherwise gone without

In Canada, the most recent statistics from 2013 show volunteers devoted almost 2 billion hours or the equivalent of about 1 million full-time jobs. The latest estimated value of volunteer time (U.S.) is $23.07 per hour.

Our volunteers have such a positive impact that is hard to measure – how do you assign a dollar value to the passion and commitment they bring to their work with us?

All we can say is thank you – our work with 20,000 children and their families every year relies on you

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Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, family and community – let’s work together!

If you are experiencing a crisis and need to speak to someone, please call our counsellors at our 24/7 Crisis Counselling Line: 403-299-9699 or toll-free: 1-800-563-6106.

Wood’s Homes is a nationally accredited mental health centre – proudly helping communities for over 100 years. Learn more at woodshomes.ca.

One thought on “Our volunteers are priceless!

  1. So glad I could continue to be apart of something meaningful and good for the community and for Wood’s Home. Loving volunteering at Eastside Family Centre…..

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