Evacuated from Fort McMurray: A word from our Stepping Stones program manager


Lynn Rhoddy is program manager at our Stepping Stones program in Fort McMurray. On May 3, she and more than 80,000 others were evacuated due to the 85,000 hectare wildfire threatening to overwhelm the city. Since evacuating, Lynn has traveled south to share her experience, as well as speak at the 25th annual Motorcycle Awareness Ride, where 100% of the money raised will go to Fort McMurray. This is what Lynn had to say.

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The gift of giving!

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By Carol Steen, Lethbridge Gala Dinner Emcee

Since 2005, Wood’s Homes has hosted a Lethbridge Gala Dinner in the spring of each year. The event is theme-based (think Cinderella, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, etc.) with decorations hung from wall-to-wall, coupled with great food and live entertainment. It’s an event people look forward to every year.

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I’m an Administrative Assistant, not a Doctor Jim!

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By Melonie Bonnell, Wood’s Homes Administrative Assistant

Fans of Star Trek: The Original Series will remember that clever catch phrase Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy used to continuously remind his shipmates and dear Captain that he was a Doctor and not an engineer, bricklayer, mechanic and yes, even an elevator. But one thing was certain, no matter the task he was there to help and get things done, save the day, etc. all so they could continue to explore the final frontier for another day.
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