First annual Lobsterfest for Wood’s!

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By Ellie Smith, Co-Chair of Wood’s Homes Never Give Up Gala

What do you get when you cross fantastic East Coast seafood with West Coast hospitality? A Wood’s Homes fundraiser to remember. This June marked the first annual Wood’s Lobsterfest- as co-chairs of the 2016 Never Give Up Gala, Kata Acheson and I wanted to plan an event with a twist on traditional fundraising geared at bringing together both new and long-time supporters in Calgary.

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What inspires me to be a Wood’s Homes volunteer

Heather Heasman (left), Peter Wittig, Michelle and Kevin Screpnechuk, and Jane Matheson (right)

By Heather Heasman, Wood’s Homes volunteer

I was asked to write about why I volunteer at Wood’s Homes. I could write about the amazing programs for children and families who are literally at the end of their ropes. No place else to go; no one else to help. I could write about the schools that can be found at Wood’s Homes’ Parkdale and Bowness campuses, not to mention the partnerships that Wood’s holds with the CBE providing youth mental health support in a variety of CBE schools. I could tell you about the work of the busy Community Resource Team and our Eastside Walk-in Clinic, sadly bursting at the seams these days. Yes, I could write thousands of words about the 38 programs Wood’s Homes offers, and the clients, successes and stories that would break your heart, because all of these things have motivated me to volunteer with Wood’s Homes for the past 14 years. However, I’ve decided to focus on something that isn’t talked about enough. I hope you enjoy it.

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