An evening of inspiration at the 2016 Never Give Up Gala


By Claire Parker, Wood’s Homes 2016 Never Give Up Gala Speaker

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would be willing to attend the Wood’s Homes 2016 Never Give Up Gala. The purpose was for me to share our experience with the Whole Family Treatment Program we had participated in earlier this year. I was extremely flattered to say the least, and extremely anxious and nervous. Doing something like this would force me to step WAY out of my comfort zone. But, I thought about my kids and all the families that need help, and that motivated me to say yes. What I didn’t realize when I accepted the offer, was just how much I would gain personally from this experience.

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A true homecoming to Wood’s Homes

Calgary Herald Val Fortney interviews Chris at Bowness breakfast

Calgary herald columnist Val Fortney interviews Chris at Bowness breakfast

By Chris, Wood’s Homes alumni

It was 1967 when I came to Wood’s Christian Home. I had been running away from home a lot by that time. My stepmother administered severe physical punishment and my Dad was heavy-handed as well. There came a point when I just wanted to leave to get away from it all.  I wasn’t the best kid, but never knew why I was punished so much. I was labeled a troublemaker and subject to harsh discipline almost all the time.  

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