How to ease your child’s separation anxiety


By Danielle Mayer, Wood’s Homes Youth and Family Counsellor

Separation anxiety can be defined as a feeling of strong fear and anxiety experienced by a young child when they are separated from their parent or caregiver. It’s a common part of the developmental process for children (six months to four years of age) to experience symptoms of separation anxiety, such as crying, tantrums and clinginess; however, the intensity level and timing of these reactions will vary from child to child.

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Other ways of giving


By Jaclyn Whitelock, Wood’s Homes Foundation Assistant

So often we see headlines about large corporations donating millions to charity or of a wealthy individual leaving their estate to a good cause. Indeed, many organizations including Wood’s Homes, could not do the work they do without the helping hand of those more fortunate. That being said, as Wood’s Homes’ donations administrator, I consider myself lucky to be able to witness first-hand giving of all kinds and I can truly say there are as many ways to give as there are people.

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The Gender Unicorn


By Gio Dolcecore, Wood’s Homes Clinician

Sex! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sexuality and gender! Traditionally gender and sexuality were defined rigidly, using binary terms – male or female; heterosexual or homosexual. This was highly influenced by the systems that build social and cultural customs – religion, cultural practices, media, government, and so forth.

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Recruitment Q&A with Chloe Westelmajer


By Jennifer Oakley, Wood’s Homes Human Resources Assistant

I’m lucky! As the Human Resources Assistant at Wood’s Homes, I get to meet most of the 450 staff here. I am continually amazed at the compassion and commitment I see in each of them every day. These are people who come with a plethora of different experiences and who are drawn together by a shared passion and goal to better the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

Clinicians play a huge role here in our overall service delivery. What follows is my conversation with Chloe Westelmajer, manager of our clinical team. She was kind enough to share with me some insight into the program.

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The holidays are near which means The Santa Project is here!


By Lara Shannon, Community Engagement Coordinator

The holidays can be an especially stressful time for the youth and families we work with at Wood’s Homes, as many face increased financial challenges during the winter months. We invite you to help share a little comfort and joy for those in need this holiday season by sponsoring a youth or family, donating gift cards, bus passes, etc., and/or making a cash donation to support the overall project.

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