Let’s talk about mental health



By Lindsay Bear, Wood’s Homes Online Engagement Coordinator

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day – an annual campaign by Bell Canada to engage Canadians in the conversation around mental health.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges for anyone suffering from mental illness is the stigma – negative attitudes (prejudice) and negative behaviour (discrimination) – attached to it.

The Canadian Mental Health Association says 40% of Canadians who responded to a recent survey admit they’ve experienced mental health issues but have never sought medical help, and 39% said they would not tell their managers if they were experiencing a mental health problem.

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Seed planters: A story of growth



By Mark David, Wood’s Homes Youth & Family Counsellor

I want to share with you an experience I recently had when visiting Wood’s Homes’ Youth Culinary Arts Program (YCAP).

As I was getting ready to work with some of our youth at the Culinary program one morning, I recognized a familiar face I hadn’t seen in a while – it was Jason, a former Evergreen client I worked with. The last time I saw Jason, he was being discharged from Wood’s Homes, and I remember how upset he and his mother were, as it just wasn’t the right time.

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